Since 2013, we have worked to create high-quality and meaningful immersive and interactive software solutions for consumer and enterprise-focused clients. 


Within three months of trading the business was a finalist in the Europe-wide Thinking Digital awards, and by the end of our first year had won a Department of International Trade Exporting for Growth prize and was listed as one of the top 100 UK start-ups of 2013. More recently, Spearhead Interactive have been named as one of the Creative England CE50; fifty of the most creative and innovative companies to watch in 2018.

Innovation underpins our business in everything we do. At Spearhead, we believe Innovation revolves around breaking down processes and replacing the old with the new to drive efficiency and optimisation to save / generate time and money, or differentiate from the competition.

By visualising data within a 3D context we can better convey; By integrating information, we can better understand; and by using real-time technologies, we can better experience - whether the user is an aural, visual or kinaesthetic learner.

We have worked hard to categorise and understand the applications for immersive and interactive technology; develop taxonomy and establish relationships with more than thirty hardware companies operating in the XR space, from HMDs to omni-directional treadmills, finger and body tracking and haptics as we look at new ways for our clients to experience and interact with their data.

The business is proud to have developed a number of world-firsts; from our interactive process flow diagrams, to what we understand to be the first use of VR to solve a real-world court case. We are currently working to integrate sensor information into 3D spaces to create next-generation visualisation systems for Industry 4.0, Smart-City and IoT applications.

Since establishment, Spearhead Interactive have created 80+ solutions for a range of corporate and commercial clients working across more than sixteen different industries regionally, nationally and internationally; differentiating and enabling excellence through the relationships we build, the intellectual capital we hold, and the end-to-end business services we provide.

Our customers include Accenture, Unilever, ASDA Walmart, BAM Nutall, MAN Engines and National Geographic, to name a few.

Who We Are:

We exist to empower people and businesses to reach their full potential; to amaze, delight and inspire our clients in everything that we do.

Our History:

Spearhead Interactive was born from a solid foundation of innovation going back to 2007. We are on an incredible journey which we're delighted to be able to share with you.

Partners, suppliers & Collaborators:

We have an extensive network of top-tier partners and collaborators across the emerging technology spectrum, empowering us with access to the latest technology and hardware; and enabling us to offer unrivalled solutions to our clients. 

Travel & Export:

Our business, our projects and our efforts in educating markets on the applications of real-time 3D visualisation and emerging technologies have taken us all over the world and introduced us to some wonderful people, organisations, cultures and experiences.