We bring Processes, Experiences and Data to life to ensure you meet your objectives.


Spearhead Interactive was established in February 2013 as a Data Visualisation company; using immersive and interactive 3D technology (including AR / VR / MR), to bring our customers' data to life.

We help our clients visualise their processes, procedures and data through the creation of bespoke and productised experiences in order to increase efficiency, optimise performance, eliminate waste (non-value add activities) and differentiate from their competitors.

Value can be generated at multiple levels; whether our solutions are targeted towards products, components, equipment, plant, sites or infrastructure; allowing our clients to explain, justify, train, de-risk, plan, sell, entertain, improve or test any aspect of their processes and visualise their data in context.

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Next-generation real-time 3D software and solutions for PC and laptops.

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3d mobile apps

Interactive sales resources, product guides, training aids, companion apps, on-site monitoring or management tools, and much more, delivered to smart-phone and tablet devices.

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Virtual reality

Multi-platform, scalable and truly immersive solutions, specifically tailored to replicate any scenario or process; and deployed at the forefront of possibility.

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Augmented & Mixed Reality

Best in class AR and MR for overlaying data onto the real world and visualising designs, products and processes like never before; offered across a range of devices.

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Internet of things

Contextualising, integrating and overlaying information from new and existing systems onto 3D models for remote monitoring of operational processes and activities

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OUR Services:



Define the Challenge

Strategy | Planning | Research Analytics | Evaluation




Craft the Solution

Real-time 3D Visualisation  
Data, Process & Systems Integration
Emerging Technology Services

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Maximise the Impact

Multi-platform Software
Hardware Sales & Leasing
Staff Training | Exhibition Support


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The presentation of evidence to an Enquiry or Court can often be a challenge in particular
when discussing complex evidence to Judges, Jury members and Legal representatives who
clearly have a grasp of the topic but can often feel confused with very technical evidence.

I couldn’t have anticipated the quality of the end product which Dan and his team produced
in collaboration with my Company. I am certain that the production by Spearhead Interactive was wholly responsible for a very
quick resolution of a very difficult enquiry.

Spearhead have a very good work ethic, easy to work with and a team of professionals with
an excellent understanding of my requirements.
— Kevin Taylor | Director, KNC Forensic Accident Investigation
Beach House Pictures was commissioned by National Geographic International in 2015 to produce a show called Machine Impossible.

I approached Spearhead Interactive through a recommendation for their consultation on an interactive human size video game that we wanted our presenters to “create”. What first started as consultation, later became a direct builder and partnership. They took the idea and actually brought it to life.

Working with Spearhead was a pleasure. They devoted more time and effort to make this happen than I could have asked for. I always recommend them and I look forward to another TV Show where I can put their skills to the test.
— Ken Nabors | Producer / Director, Beach House Pictures
Dock10 have worked alongside Spearhead Interactive on a number of occasions and we have always found their work to be of the highest order. They are open and engaged to the projects from the initial brief to completion and delivery.

They are proactive, offer technical and creative suggestions when necessary and are prepared to put in the extra hours to make sure that deadlines target are achieved.

The relationship between dock10 and Spearhead has grown from strength to strength and I would have no hesitation in recommending them, a truly ground breaking emerging technology company!

— Richard Wormwell | Head of Production Innovation, Dock 10
Thanks for the work you have done with us in getting a start on using Augmented Reality here at BAM Nuttall.

We are now in a position where there is much wider awareness of AR within our business and are now ready to explore how to expand on this solid foundation.

I can recommend that others take the time to engage with Spearhead as I am sure the relationship and resulting solutions will be of definite value.
— Colin Evison - Head of Innovation, BAM Nuttall