Who we are:

Spearhead Interactive is an award winning emerging technology agency, established in 2013; an ideas and solutions company operating at the bleeding edge of innovation and possibility, with an intrinsic ethos on connecting people with technology and putting our customers first. 

Flexibility, quality consultation, exceptional service and premium deliverables are not a luxury, but a given.

We have built our core business around the creation of interactive software, immersive experiences and next-generation data visualisation applications. We work with businesses, brands and organisations to deliver innovative solutions that improve commercial operations and engage users through the use of emerging technologies.

Spearhead Interactive have the strengths of an established global agency combined with a passionate team of developers, technologists, futurists and professionals who understand every aspect of immersive technologies and their applications.

What does this mean for you? It means that wherever you are in your innovation journey, or wherever you want to be, you have access to our unsurpassed market knowledge, insight and intellectual capital; more than 65 relationships with hardware vendors; and development and delivery expertise, as standard.

We can educate and expose you to the art of the possible; helping you understand the how and the why surrounding a range of technologies as we work to solve your challenges and maximise the impact of any solution.

Whether you’re looking to improve internal efficiency and productivity, innovate across areas of your operations, generate more sales, improve training or excite and engage your customers or your workforce, we can help.

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully created and delivered 70+ commercial projects for a diverse range of clients; agencies and SME's through to global brands and organisations.
  • Worked across 16+ industries, including construction, engineering, automotive, petrochemical, energy, media and  entertainment.
  • Completed numerous international projects for clients based in Asia, South America and Europe.
  • Invested significant capital into R&D projects to drive forward commercial uptake, prove new concepts and demonstrate benefits to a global audience.
  • Established a strong workflow and pipeline for client engagement at numerous stages and requirements; end to end service, education, development to a pre-existing brief or providing isolated elements.of support.