Virtual Reality allows us to experience real-time 3D content in ways which provide a true sense of exposure and immersion for users.

Specifically, VR technology allows users to visualise and interact with environments, scenarios and processes that do not exist, cannot exist or require significant operational and / or logistical resource to exist, and experience them as if they were there.

With internal and external applications across every industry, we have significant experience in working with our clients to conceive, design, create and execute Virtual Reality solutions; deployed on mobile devices or higher-end, PC based systems.

We conduct continual research and development into fields such as user experience design, human psychology, game theory, immersion mechanics and human physiology. Whilst we utilise and supply cutting edge Virtual Reality hardware like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and GearVR platforms, our insight and desire to deliver experiences which surpass expectation have led us to invest in numerous additional technologies.

Spearhead Interactive have been investing in and partnering with leading hardware manufacturers across the VR industry since 2013 to develop the most comprehensive, powerful and flexible solutions for our clients. Using a mix and match mentality to determine the correct combination of hardware required to maximise the impact and future-proof the final experience, we can also scale solutions over time, adding additional hardware in phases as necessary.

In order to create an experience that the human brain will perceive as being real, Spearhead Interactive identified four target areas which, in combination, achieve this vision. These areas we have coined the Four Senses of VR:

The Four Senses of VR:


presence: Head Mounted Display (HMD)


To achieve a sense of presence and enable the user to see and look around the virtual environment, we use a HMD (head-mounted display); powered either by a smartphone or a PC.

Navigation: Omni-Directional Treadmill

To achieve a sense of movement and enable freedom to navigate, whilst also removing any motion sickness we use an omni-directional treadmill; linked to either a smartphone by Bluetooth or a PC by USB.

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Interaction: Finger & Body Tracking Systems


To achieve a sense of self and enable users to see themselves and others within a Virtual Reality environment, we use camera or suit-based finger and body tracking systems.

Stimulation: Causal and Environmental Haptics

To fully immerse the user and provide maximum sensory feedback, we utilise technologies which allow for both causal (user action) and environmental (i.e. temperature, wind, smell) levels of deployment.