We deploy software across a range of technologies; ensuring a purposeful, targeted approach in collaboration with our clients to maximise the effectiveness of their solution.

Cross-platform deployment is also catered for, with software developed for multiple platforms and hardware relative to the requirement.

PC Software:


PC software solutions and experiences are available to clients in a variety of options, including private, standalone software formats for internal use and public deployment, or web-enabled software for embedding onto websites and intranets.

Interactive software delivered through existing hardware is perfectly suited for a wide variety of enterprise applications.

Examples of PC software can be found within our Portfolio.

Interactive 3D Mobile Apps:

With more than 8 billion smart devices in use world-wide, mobile apps are an effective way of visualising your products, processes and data.

The portable and interactive nature of the technology is ideal for connecting with current and prospective customers, enhancing your brand, improving operations or engaging with your workforce.

Examples of Mobile Apps can be found within our Portfolio.


Virtual Reality:


Virtual Reality provides a way to truly immerse users within environments and experiences that do not exist, cannot exist or require significant operational resource and / or capital to exist.

Through the use and integration of hardware, we craft and create high-quality, ground-breaking Virtual Reality solutions for mobile and PC platforms;  providing users with the functionality to see, move, interact and feel.

Augmented & mixed Reality:

Augmented Reality software allows us to recognise, highlight and overlay virtual data and information onto real-world objects, offering significant benefits in tackling social and commercial issues.

Mixed Reality software, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact, serves to merge the real and the digital; overlaying virtual objects into the real world, or real objects into the virtual world


Internet of Things:


Taking data visualisation to the next level through contextualisation. Integrating and overlaying information from new and existing sensor systems onto 3D models for remote monitoring of operational processes and activities across products, components, plant and sites; with significant implications for Industry 4.0, Factories of the Future and Smart City projects.