Virtual Reality solutions developed by Spearhead Interactive can be deployed with the ability to provide sensory feedback to users; maximising immersion through the use of haptic and sensory devices.

Haptic Feedback:




The ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) torso suit, developed by Canadian company IFTech is a next generation haptic feedback device. 

Combining a muscle tension system with a multi-point rumble system, the ARAIG is a powerful device offering unparalleled sensory stimulation to increase immersion.

Spearhead Interactive worked with IFTech in the delivery of an interactive e-sports experience for National Geographic TV show, Machine Impossible filmed in Singapore and produced by Beach House Pictures.


The KOR-FX haptic vest is a lightweight and cost-effective solution to provide feedback to users.

By converting audio signals from experiences into physical force-feedback, the device is able to provide a deep sense of immersion, with the ability to fine tune and control the amount of feedback felt by the user.




Similar to the Kor-FX system in converting sounds into sensations, the Sub-Pac provides a high fidelity experience across skin, muscle and bone conduction; offering a much deeper level of immersion within VR environments.