Virtual Reality solutions developed by Spearhead Interactive can be deployed and accessed via Smartphone, PC or Console hardware, with differing HMD options according to platform:



Google cardboard / portable hmds


Cardboard or plastic HMD's are a great way  to maximise the impact of a VR solution to a wide audience as they use existing smartphone hardware.

Software is provided for users to download as a mobile app for Android or iOS, with the HMD used in combination with smartphone gyroscopes and sensors to immerse the user in the experience. 

Many different types of cardboard and plastic HMD are available, with numerous options available - NFC functionality, in built audio, touch-screen selection, etc. By defining the purpose of the solution, we can help in determining the best hardware for the job.

With projects successfully completed for the likes of BAM Nuttal, the UK Department for International Trade and Middlesbrough AFC, our end-to-end service covers the development of any software and the design, manufacture and supply of portable HMDs as necessary; in any quantity.

samsung gear vr

For more complex or higher fidelity VR experiences, the GearVR HMD from Samsung provides an ideal solution. 

Whilst limited for use on selected Samsung smartphones only, the device acts as the display and processor with the GearVR hardware providing much more functionality than a cardboard or plastic HMD.


Originally a collaboration with Oculus, the GearVR HMD essentially acts as the controller, and contains field of view adjustment, custom sensor for rotational tracking, a touch-pad, buttons and a proximity sensor to detect when the headset is on.

GearVR solutions developed by Spearhead Interactive include University campus tours, animated 360 degree films, interactive marketing experiences and high-end games.

google daydream


Googles' Daydream is an alternative to the GearVR for users with Daydream-ready smartphones which utilises their Google Daydream View HMD.

The View distinguishes itself by being constructed out of a light-weight cloth material, and also includes capacitive nubs and  NFC functionality.

Daydream-ready smartphones contain higher quality sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers with the VR system also compatible with a controller to aid in navigation and interaction within virtual environments.



htc vive

The HTC Vive is a high-end consumer Virtual Reality system comprising of a HMD, 2 x infrared tracking beacons (named Lighthouses) and 2 x Vive controllers.

The lighthouse system enables "room-scale" VR, the ability to walk freely within a pre-determined amount of space whilst immersed in the Virtual World. 


The perfect system for when interaction is required across a large area, whether you're looking for an incredible experience for a trade-show, a training system for your business, or a way to plan or test your operations, Spearhead Interactive have experience with every aspect of the development process.

Completed projects include a crime-scene reconstruction, VR showrooms, financial data solution, marketing experiences and games.

Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift is a high-end consumer Virtual Reality system comprising of a HMD and an infrared tracking beacon. An additional beacon and Touch controllers are also available to create a more interactive experience.

Comparable to the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift is ideal for seated or static VR experiences.

The perfect system for when available space is constrained or when multiple set-ups are required cross a small area; Spearhead Interactive have used the Oculus Rift to create property and sub-sea vessel walkthroughs, fork-lift truck training, marketing experiences and games.

We've been developing for the Oculus Rift since 2013, with multiple projects delivered using DK1 and DK2 Developer Kits; prior to the launch of the CV1 Consumer Version.



The worlds first Virtual Reality HMD with eye-tracking functionality, Spearhead Interactive are proud to be able to offer solutions and experiences via the Fove.

The Fove offers a number of benefits, from new ways to engage and interact within virtual environments, to recording eye movements for training and competency.




The Pimax is the worlds first 8K Virtual Reality HMD offering a number of next-generation improvements to existing devices.

With a 4K screen per eye, resolution and clarity is significantly improved, however the Pimax also offers wireless transmission, a head-strap with integrated earphones, integrated cooling fan and eye-tracking.



PlayStation VR

This Virtual Reality HMD works exclusively with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro; utilising proprietary PlayStation Move controllers for interaction and a depth camera for tracking.

Spearhead Interactive are registered PlayStation developers and have experience with all aspects of software development and publishing.