Delivered: January 2015


Platform: PC and Oculus Rift DK2


Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, P3urb was founded in 2013, bringing together professionals with experience in both public and private sectors and is focused on structuring private and public-private projects in the Real Estate sector.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver a real-time 3D tour of the Quinta Madalena real-estate development planned for construction in Sao Paulo.

key features: 


High quality graphics

Primarily used as an internal stakeholder demonstrator and a sales tool, the visual aesthetic of the solution was expected to be of a high quality.



easy to use navigation system

Using keyboard and mouse controls or a bluetooth controller, users are able to navigate freely within the apartment.



Animated balcony doors

In order to bring the environment to life and provide some form of interaction, the balcony doors are tied to the users proximity and will begin to open as the user walks towards them.