Delivered: September 2015


Platform: Android & iOS


NESTS (North East Specialist Therapeutic Services) provides accommodation for up to 4 children (male and female) who are between the ages of 6 to 12 years on admission and who have had considerable trauma in their early years. NESTS provide a therapeutic approach to care which is based on an attachment based understanding of the needs of the child.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver an interactive 3D tour for Android and iOS, to aid children in the transition from care to NESTS; alleviating  distress and anxiety and promoting excitement and happiness.

key features: 

Story-book introduction

To set the context for the software and make the experience more child-friendly, we wrapped the 3D environment within a story-book narrative; leading the user into the experience and promoting a positive emotional connection with the space.

Dynamic height 

Users can select between a 4' 3" or 6' 1" camera height in order to simulate viewpoints from a child or adult perspective; an incredibly important feature to ensure the software relates to the intended audience and is a comfortable experience for the children. 


Users are able to navigate freely around each room and area, using on-screen thumb-sticks to move and look around their new home freely.

interactive teddy-bear hunt

To promote exploration and interaction with their new home prior to arrival, we developed and integrated a teddy-bear hunt into the experience as a challenge for the user.

There are five teddy-bears hidden around the home for the children to search for.