Virtual Reality solutions developed by Spearhead Interactive can be deployed with advanced and innovative navigation systems, accessed via Smartphones via Bluetooth, or PC via USB.

Omni-directional Treadmills:


Virtuix: omni


The Omni from US-based Virtux uses motion trackers attached to proprietary shoes which communicate with the base unit to accurately track motion and speed. 

A low-friction contact between the base and the shoes allows users to walk and run, with the harness able to rotate in 360 degrees, offering the ability to turn around and navigate virtual environments in any direction.

cyberith: Virtualizer

The Virtualizer from Austrian-based Cyberith uses motion tracking and processing systems located in the arms, base and ring of the device.

With a low-friction base, users are able to operate the device wearing felt overshoes; with the arms and ring of the device providing Z-axis movement enabling crouching and jumping.

Virtualizer and Elite 2.png

katvr: Walk


The Walk from China-based KatVR has a unique ring-free design to offer users more freedom of motion when navigating VR environments.

The device uses various sensors and a three axis mechanism to enable the ability to run, walk, jump, sit and crouch within virtual reality environments.

Additional Navigation Systems:



The Roto is a motorised Virtual Reality chair, compatible with a wide number of VR systems and platforms; including Oculus, HTC, PlayStation VR, GearVR and Google Cardboard.

Fully configurable, the Roto can be transformed with rumble packs, tables and pedals.




The VRGO is a wireless, bluetooth-enabled Virtual Reality seat which is compatible across PC and mobile, used to  navigate within virtual environments.

Tilt and spin movements in the real-world are translated into movement within the virtual world through the use of internal sensors, and has additional storage within the device to store a HMD, wires and plugs.