Delivered: January 2017


Platform: Android & iOS


Middlesbrough AFC is a professional association football club based in North Yorkshire, England. They were one of the founding members of the English Premier League in 1992.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver a mobile "Be a Player" fan experience to engage fans and enable them to visit behind-the-scenes areas and live out a fantasy experience.

key features: 

Virtual tour

Using the app, fans are able to go on a journey through the eyes of a player on match-day; from stepping off the coach to running out onto the pitch. The software is comprised of two 360 degree videos and two 360 degree images to immerse users within the experience.

Fans travel through the players entrance before being greeted by photographers and Middlesbrough AFC staff en route to the changing rooms. From here, users can launch the second 360 video and travel through the tunnel and onto the pitch, or take a tour of the dressing room..

Integrated player profiles

The dressing room has been captured as a series of 360 degree images. Fans are able to navigate between each image easily; with interactive hotspots available in both 360 and VR modes linked to player profiles; accessed by clicking on the back of the players' shirt.


vr or 360 viewing options

Users are able to access Google Cardboard functionality to switch between a 2D 360 or VR mode from within the menu.

In the side-by-side VR mode, mobile head mounted displays (HMDs) can be used to provide a much deeper, more immersive experience for the user. 



For the free version, users are able to access the initial 360 video, accessible in 360 mode; taking them on a tour from the player bus to the changing room doors. In the premium version, fans are able to select between 360 and VR modes, entering the changing rooms and viewing player profiles, or continuing their journey and heading out onto the pitch ready to begin their match.


CArdboard HMD deployment

Mobile Cardboard HMDs were designed and manufactured as part of the deployment and marketing strategy in order to raise awareness of the app and maximise brand exposure as fans view the experience, or any other VR content available for mobile devices.


Download the Middlesbrough AFC "Be a Player" fan experience

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