Delivered: March 2016


Platform: PC and HTC Vive


KNC Forensics offer forensic Accident Investigation services to Legal services, Corporate Insurance and Private clients.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned by prosecution and defence solicitors to create and deliver a Virtual Reality reconstruction of a fatal road-traffic collision for a case that had been ongoing for three years at a cost of £7m.

Within two weeks of submission the case was dropped and the following civil claim was concluded smoothly and speedily.

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key features: 

accurate vehicle animation

Through the use of tachograph data taken from the vehicles, alongside accompanying  forensic reports and photographs, we were able to accurately replicate the speed and direction of travel for both vehicles. 

accurate environmental data

Information on environmental elements such as weather, sun position, wind speed and wind direction were requested and supplied by the UK MET Office to allow us to ensure an accurate representation of the sequence of events.

PC and Virtual Reality versions

In order to facilitate discussions by multiple individuals around a single screen, a PC version of the software was created; with a Virtual Reality version enabling a deeper sense of immersion to assess or test any assumptions. 


converted laser scan data

The 3D environment was created through the conversion of existing point cloud data, captured by police using laser scanners.

Using this data we could ensure that the scene was as accurate as possible.

navigation and animation controls

Users are able to navigate freely around the environment and have full control over the animation; with play, pause, rewind, fast-forward and slow motion functionality.

A birds eye viewpoint and multiple camera positions are also accessible to interrogate what happened from any angle.


driver position viewpoints

Selecting a driver position viewpoint puts the user in the selected vehicle. Rear-view mirrors are functional and can be used to further inform findings on cause and liability.

Understanding the case involved a fatality makes this functionality incredibly poignant.

witness position viewpoints

Selecting the witness position viewpoint allows, for the very first time, the ability to validate or invalidate a statement based on what the witness was able to see.

This is particularly prudent for cases where an extended period of time has passed since the event.