Virtual Reality solutions developed by Spearhead Interactive can be deployed with the ability to place the user within the environment, through the use of camera or sensor based motion tracking solutions.

Camera-based motion tracking:


Leap Motion


The Leap Motion is a cost effective finger and hand tracking system when used in combination with a mobile or PC based head-mounted display.

A 180x180 degree tracking range with near zero latency and a low processing power requirement makes this an ideal solution for bringing gestures and actions into VR.


The ZKOO, developed by Exvision is the world most advanced gesture tracking camera.

Enabling the replication of mouse or touchscreen capabilities, the 120fps camera and integrated processors provide ultra-responsive hand-tracking functionality.


Sensor-based motion tracking:


Perception neuron


The Perception Neuron developed by Noitom is a 32 point motion-capture system capable of full-body tracking.

We use the technology to record movements to be applied to in-world characters, or send live data from a user into an environment to enable one-to-one interaction.

Nolo VR

With the majority of tracking solutions being PC focused, the Nolo VR system brings six degrees of freedom to mobile users via the use of a base station, headset marker and tracked controllers.

Using the NOLO system, we can offer a 17x17 foot tracking range, with the use of a smartphone removing much of the cost associated with high-end VR setups.




Captoglove is a wireless hand and finger tracking system which connects to PC and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

The versatility of the device allows it to be used in conjunction with Virtual or Augmented Reality software, with a 10 hour battery life and durable, high quality materials ensuring the device is fit for purpose.