Delivered: October 2014


Platform: PC


Innovision manufactures simple and elegant safety systems to last and has a product range encompassing tactile surfaces for the partially sighted, anti-slip step nosings and wayfinding systems.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver an interactive PC application to bring to life their glow-in the dark tactile and step-advertising systems. We travelled to Brazil and demonstrated this application to the Rio 2016 disability co-ordination teams for possible use within Olympic stadiums. 

key features: 

fully interactive realistic environment

Using keyboard and mouse controls or a bluetooth controller, users are able to navigate freely within the environment across the different visualisations.

Normal operation visualisation

Demonstrating the environment during normal operational use, we can showcase the aesthetic features of the products as they would typically be experienced by fans and attendees.

emergency operation visualisation

Demonstrating the environment during an emergency evacuation or power-cut scenario, we are able to showcase the unique functionality of the product and their operation in multiple situations.

visual impairment functionality

In order to simulate how the products wold function for visually impaired users, we included the ability to switch on a blur filter.

Visualising spaces in this way allows us to see the environment as others would see them, enabling better design choices and deeper levels of empathy.