Delivered: November 2015


Platform: PC


Exwold is a contract chemical processing company with decades of experience formulating and processing speciality chemicals for multi-national chemical and agrochemical companies.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver an interactive 3D process flow map detailing a particular chemical creation process for a prospective client. 

key features: 

process in context

The process flow diagram is housed within a virtual replica of the production facility.

This allows the client to both demonstrate the chemical production process, and provide a context for the location to external stakeholders.

easy to use navigation system

Navigation around the software has been kept very simple to ensure ease of use for the user.

Keyboard and mouse controls allow users to move and look around, with the ability to click on any of the step information panels to get more information on the proposed process.


Due to the sequential, fixed nature of the process, the process flow is split into different steps represneting key processes involved in the production of the chemicals.

process flow visualisation

Each part of the process is represented with 3D panels and labels showing the relevant activities that will occur within each step.

Users are able to choose between a preferred process flow or a contingency process flow, with the step panels changing relative to which flow diagram is selected.