Delivered: September 2013


Platform: Android & iOS


Design It; Build It is an international conference for those shaping the future of the web.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create an interactive mobile app for attendees to the DIBI Conference in 2013.

key features: 

FLOORPLAN teleportation SYSTEM

By selecting and confirming teleport points users are able to navigate to all conference rooms, with the interactive camera diving through the floorplan and down into the environment below.

fully interactive navigatioN

Users are able to navigate freely around each conference area, using on-screen thumb-sticks to move and look around each location.



Users are able to access the conference schedule either in 2D mode via the floorplan menu, or from directly within the 3D environment; informing users of the talks going on in each location over the course of the conference. 


Website links to job listing from sponsors are linked to the banner stands located around the atrium. 

If selected, these launch the device browser and take the user to the corresponding website.