Delivered: July 2014


Platform: Android 


Debbie’s SLS Ware collection presents the idea of using additive manufacturing and non-traditional materials in contemporary design. Originating from hand forged wire jewellery, the collection exemplifies this, using selective laser sintering to create highly intricate jewellery pieces, combined with precious metal and glass accents.

Spearhead Interactive developed a luxury, boutique collection companion app to showcase five of the SLS Ware pieces in high-fidelity real-time 3D.

key features: 


Users pinch to zoom into the selected piece; transitioning from the index to an information panel.

Additionally the 3D model becomes fully interactive with spin, pan and zoom functionality available to the user.


Users are able to navigate around the collection by tapping on the title of the piece.

The software will rotate the carousel of 3D models to the selected piece for the user to interact with.


easy to use GESTURE system

Navigation around the software has been kept very simple to ensure ease of use for the user and a seamless experience.

Users swipe or pinch the screen in order to interact with the software and the collection.