It is without doubt that companies willing to explore the art of the possible and understand the opportunities on offer at this point in the maturity of the sector will have a significant advantage; in a similar way organisations first embraced the Internet.

Spearhead Interactive provide a wide range of consultancy services to inform, devise, strategise and validate. 

Strategy Development:

When developing a commercial strategy surrounding the use of immersive or interactive software it is important to recognise that the KPIs and ROI are not usually typical as when compared with other investments. Such technology offers organisations and brands a specific ROE - return on engagement metric which differs greatly from any other medium.

The opportunities available are identified through the augmentation of current metrics; using a creative approach to develop realistic goals and expectations - in turn establishing a new set of metrics and KPIs which work in tandem with the solution.

With the purpose defined, work can begin outlining all necessary requirements, elements and data needed to meet the objective, alongside identification of the deployment technology which will have the most impact. The outcomes will assist greatly in developing the user experience  - taking into account hardware constraints and best-practice design methodology

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