Augmented and Mixed Reality blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds by enhancing our senses and overlaying virtual objects, information and markers onto reality to improve performance, complete tasks and engage audiences.

Specifically, AR and MR technology allows users to visualise and interact with objects, environments, scenarios and processes in situ; directly improving efficiency and productivity through easy access to purposeful functionality and data.

Spearhead Interactive create flexible AR experiences, using different techniques to create the desired result; and we’re working on expanding and increasing our capability all the time.


Image Recognition

Recognise and track text and images, including labels, advertisements and product packaging.


Object Recognition 

Bring products and components to life and add additional features to a variety of different objects or merchandise, regardless of shape.


GPS Recognition

Create digital experiences tracked and linked to a GPS position, with no requirement for a visible marker of any kind.

Our significant legacy in creating AR software, juxtaposed against our end-to-end service from project conception to deployment ensure each Augmented Reality solution is tailored to the exact requirements of our client, whether public facing or private for internal use only.

Spearhead Interactive have categorised the Augmented Reality industry according to technology type and capability, enabling us to quickly determine the ideal architecture required to maximise the impact.

Our unique understanding of the AR landscape ensures we are able to offer the best advice and guidance; with our investments and relationships with leading hardware manufacturers ensuring we always have access to the latest technology to craft the perfect solution for your requirements.

Smartphones & Tablets


Using the camera feed from a smartphone or tablet device to recognise trigger images and launch the AR functionality. Perfect for collaborative experiences or public release solutions.


Refracted Single-Optic HMD

Unobtrusive, lightweight and hands-free head-mounted display with a single viewing point.


Refracted Dual-optic HMD


Unobtrusive and hands-free head-mounted display with a dual viewing points.


Panel Display HMD

Utilise the latest hardware with premium AR and MR head mounted displays with on-board computing and panel display technology