Delivered: October 2017


Platform: Vuzix M300


ASDA is a British supermarket chain owned by parent company, Walmart.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver an Augmented Reality application to increase efficiency and productivity for warehouse sorting and picking staff.

Initial tests conducted in Q1 2018 demonstrated a 10% increase in productivity amongst certain staff and a reduction in sorting errors from 3% to 0%.

key features: 

Barcode recognition system

A barcode reader underpins the solution, with three databases populating a virtual label upon successful scanning of a package barcode. 

Users are able to quickly reference the Store Number, Region Number and the Cage ID for outbound dispatch via the virtual label.

Cage recognition system

In order to minimise errors in the sorting process, functionality has been included to highlight the cage linked to the scanned package.

QR codes above each cage and an AR system work in combination to ensure packages are sent to the right location. 

offline architecture

The system has been created without the need for a network connection of any kind.

Device databases can be updated internally to ensure stock is referenced correctly, mitigating any requirement for WiFi, bluetooth or other methods of accessing the necessary data.