Delivered: 2016 (Various)


Platform: Android & iOS + Google Cardboard


Anytime Fitness; the worlds largest health chain with nearly 3,000 clubs open in over 23 countries, and growing.

Spearhead Interactive were commissioned to create and deliver a Virtual Reality tour of multiple Anytime Fitness sites to assist in increasing and establishing memberships before the fit-out of the gyms had been completed.

key features: 

Accelerometer controlled menu

Navigation around the software has been kept very simple to ensure ease of use for the user and a seamless experience which works across 360 and VR software modes.

Users click or tap on any of the images in the menu to be teleported to that area of the gym to look around. Clicking or tapping again returns the user to the menu.

360 degree tour functionality

Once an image has been selected the user is able to look around the location from a static position in 360 degrees and assess the environment. 

Whilst not present in these apps, we are also able to integrate audio, voiceovers, include animation and add interactive hot-spots linked to information panels or external systems.

vr or 360 viewing options

Users are able to access Google Cardboard functionality to switch between a 2D 360 or VR mode from within the menu.

In the side-by-side VR mode, mobile head mounted displays (HMDs) can be used to provide a much deeper more immersive experience for the user. 

Download the Swindon app:


Download the Leeds Moor Allerton app: